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Fintech Innovation a Solid Alternative to Established Options

FinTech money transfer companies have dramatically changed the way we move money from one country to another. The traditional model which espouses banks as the de facto money transmission mechanism is quickly losing favour with clients around the world. For starters, banks and institutional financial organizations eat into more of every $1 sent abroad than […]

How to use a personal loan as a springboard to a new job

Quitting your job and leaping into the unknown is not only scary but immature. Putting in place a safety net is how strategic thinkers prepare for this move. Depending on your current position, experience and qualifications as well the demand for these, you could find a new job in days to weeks, or it could […]

Admiral Markets Makes It to the Nasdaq Baltic Bond List

January 11, 2018, has been an eventful day for the financial sector in northern Europe. It was then, just a few days ago, when Admiral Markets was added to the Baltic Bond List, which is shared between the Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius divisions of Nasdaq (or NDAQ). Nasdaq Tallinn CEO Kaarel Ots was quick to […]

NASA Space Apps 2018 to Be Hosted by Max Polyakov’s Association Noosphere

Image credit: Nasa Space Apps Challenge via Facebook Association Noosphere, founded by Max Polyakov is planning to host NASA Space Apps Challenge 2018, a well-known 48-hour contest of engineering and robotics for non-professionals and students. This April, Dnipro, along with two other Ukrainian cities, held NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017. The event attracted numerous students […]

How Not to Waste Your Budget on Employee Recognition Progams

Human Resource professionals and business leaders are challenged to define and measure employee engagement and company culture. One important component of each that can be measured is employee recognition. Reward, recognition and performance improvement programs contribute to a positive work culture by clearly communicating the company’s mission and values.  They ensure that employees understand their […]

The Steele Dossier Regains The Spotlight

Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and ultimate election as president of the United States left a lot of shocking news stories in its wake. Trump was given the nickname “Teflon Don” for his seeming ability to coast past controversies and scandals that might have derailed any other campaign. Indeed, when we recall that Mitt Romney’s 2012 […]

5 Ways Taking Naps Can Boost Your Career

In a 24/7 culture, many people lose sleep, which hurts lots of careers. Mental fatigue can affect your concentration, memory, creativity and productivity. Several studies support the idea that napping can improve your job performance. A short midday nap can make all the difference between a slow, lethargic work day and a smart, sharp performance. […]

10,000 Dogs to be Slaughtered and Eaten for Chinese Festival

The Yulin Dog Festival, an annual festival held in the Chinese province of Guangxi, has been the target of moral outrage for years. On June 21st, over 10,000 dogs will be killed, cooked and eaten for the festival, which is held on solstice. Much of the outrage stems from the fact that the festival is […]