Admiral Markets Makes It to the Nasdaq Baltic Bond List

January 11, 2018, has been an eventful day for the financial sector in northern Europe. It was then, just a few days ago, when Admiral Markets was added to the Baltic Bond List, which is shared between the Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius divisions of Nasdaq (or NDAQ).

Nasdaq Tallinn CEO Kaarel Ots was quick to congratulate the company for its impressive evolution and subsequent success. “Admiral Markets has grown from an Estonian company to a global online trading platform and I’m glad to see that they are fueling their future growth through the stock exchange,” he said.

He then added that “it’s good to see that companies becoming public are increasingly aiming their offerings at retail investors. Admiral Markets provides a great example by issuing and offering bonds with 100 euro nominal value.” This goes to show just how attractive their particular business model can be to clients.

In fact, a total of 306 investors put forth 1,826,800 euros between them into bonds provided by the company. This is what earned them their spot on the coveted Nasdaq Baltic Bonds List. As mentioned by Kaarel Ots, their bonds come at a nominal price of 100 euros and they reach maturity on December 28, 2027. They hold an annual interest rate of eight percent which has to be paid twice a year.

With the occasion of this very prolific listing, Sergei Bogatenkov, a member of the Management Board of Admiral Markets, appreciated this as an opportunity for their company to raise capital. Being enlisted in such high-profile stock exchange is an important resource that will make Admiral Markets a lot more transparent and desirable among potential investors.

When pondering on the company’s future, Bogatenkov has bold plans in mind. According to him, “the market is currently offering us an attractive interest rate coupled with liquidity, and we want to make sure we’re using that offering. We’re going to use the money to strengthen our position on the markets we’re already operating in, increase our client base, grow our clients’ assets and eventually become a top 10 company operating in this sector.”

Only time will tell if such a brave prediction will come true. However, if the company stays on its current trajectory, it’s highly likely. After all, Admiral Markets is one of the best companies in its niche at the moment.