More electronic wallets allowed at online casinos

Playing at online casinos is now much easier thanks largely to the emerging electronic wallets that’s making it faster and simpler to deposit funds and to withdraw funds. Credit and debit cards are no longer the go to medium when one is looking for making deposits at an online casino such as PayPal Casino and this is particularly important because it’s not everyone who had access to credit cards especially those located in developing countries where the bankable population is low.


PayPal is the leading electronic wallet used by many bettors online. PayPal is widely accepted in many countries and it has low transaction fees. Additionally, PayPal working in partnership with MasterCard is now issuing debit cards which make it easy for bettors to withdraw their money as all they need is a MasterCard ATM. There are some casinos that solely allow deposits via PayPal and others that give you options of choosing between different electronic wallets therefore you have options either way.


Another popular electronic wallet that is recognised by many online casinos is Skrill. Skrill operates in a way similar to PayPal. Depositing your funds into your casino account is easy and fast taking less than a minute. Withdrawing also is easy though it may take up to 6 hours to process the transaction. The biggest downside to Skrill at the moment is that it is not linked to either MasterCard or Visa meaning it does not issue debit cards. To collect your money using Skrill, you therefore need to link your bank account or your PayPal account so that you withdraw the money into the bank first before you can collect cash at an ATM.


Neteller is another option to choose from. It is recognised by many online casinos, is fast in depositing but takes relatively a longer processing time, sometimes up to 24 hours on withdrawals. Just like Skrill, you link to link your bank account to Neteller in order for you to withdraw cash. Currently it is not linked with either MasterCard or Visa hence it does not issue debit cards.


Payoneer is another electronic wallet that you can use. The biggest advantage of using Payoneer at a casino is that it operates in the same way as a bank account. Depositing is quick and withdrawals are also quick, on average it takes 6 hours to process Payoneer payments. Payoneer offers you the chance to collect a MasterCard Payoneer debit card at no cost that you can use to withdraw money at any MasterCard ATM. At withdrawal, you can choose to put your money in your electronic wallet (there are two electronic wallets, one for US Dollars only and the other for British Sterling/Euro) the preference is yours. You can also choose to send it straight to your MasterCard Payoneer debit card, however you should note that you can only withdraw cash at an ATM with a Payoneer card if you have a balance of $1 000 or more. However, you can purchase anything online or in store with your card. Alternatively, you can also send the money to a bank account if you linked one or to your PayPal account if you linked one.