How to Trade Gold, Oil and Stocks from your Home?

As surprising as it may be, anyone can invest in oil. The advent of the online trading platform has made it possible for anyone to speculate on the price of oil with their savings. You can begin trading oil online by merely selecting a trading method. You can either trade Contracts For Difference provided by CFD Forex brokers or engage in binary options trading which is more suitable for novice investors.

How to trade in oil CFDs

Currently, CFDs are the most suitable tools for trading oil online. CDF means ‘Contracts for the Difference.’ You can access these online through the trading platform of your forex broker. Through CDFs, you can speculate on the price of oil per barrel of WTI or Brent crude oil. CFDs allow oil traders to buy oil online by taking purchasing and selling positions.

What is the best trading strategy for oil?

The best strategy for you will depend on your knowledge and what you hope to get out of the market. If you have significant investment capital, it is best to go for long-term investment. On the other hand, if you aim to make a quick profit and withdraw them on a day to day’s basis, a long-term investment may not be the best option. As an individual trader, your best choice for trading oil online is through forex brokers that offer CFDs trading on their platforms.

Choosing your trading platform

The online trading platforms investors the chance to speculate on the oil price. It helps you to cautiously evaluate the options you have and be able to choose the one most suitable for your needs. The following features will help you to vary the credibility and offer of the trading platform before you sign in:

  • The spreads
  • The leverage offered
  • The accessible tools and indicators
  • The quality and how user-friendly is the platform

Four steps to trade gold successfully

The gold market is highly liquid and profitable. Many investors decide to invest in gold directly, while others speculate on gold through the futures, equity, and options markets.

It is easy to trade gold online, but to succeed, you need to learn the skills required to buy and sell gold successfully.

1. Study pointers that impact on the gold price

Gold is one of the oldest currencies. Not everyone knows how to trade gold because it reacts only to a restricted number of price pointers:

  • price rise and deflation
  • Greed and panic
  • Supply and demand

2. Know the direction the crowd is going

Gold is attractive to people with different interests. Gold bugs that trade gold in large quantity make the market highly liquid and at the same time maintain the trading platform by offering a constant provision of purchasing interest reduced rates. Gold bugs as well provide short sellers professional entry into the market mainly when market emotions make one of the fundamental factors driving prize action in favor of well-built purchase sentiment.

3. Study the Long-Term Chart

Make out time to study the gold chart properly beginning with long-term history as far as one hundred years back. Analyzing the market helps you to identify the price levels you will require observing when gold returns for testing.

4. Select Your Venue

Liquidity in the gold market is proportional to gold trends. It increases when the market direction is making a sharp increase or reversing the trend. It lowers down during comparatively quiet periods.

Overall you can do online trading of gold in four steps:

  • Study the way three polarities affect many of the gold purchasing and selling decisions.
  • Be informed about the different groups of people that are interested in on trading of gold, hedging, and possession.
  • Get analysis of the long and short-term gold charts, while observing significant price levels generated.
  • Decide your risk-taking position and concentrate on increased liquidity and simple buying and selling.

Steps to trade stock online

If you are planning to invest in the stock market as a beginner, these steps will help you trade profitably. Your first step is to get access to essential trading resources and information.

1. Get a stockbroker account

Search for a reliable stockbroker and open an account

2. Study books

Books offer you with a lot of stock trading information and are cheaper than attending classes, seminars, and or purchasing instructional DVDs

3. Scan through stock investment articles

Articles can serve as a tremendous educational resource.

4. Get a mentor

You can use your family member, a friend, a previous or present professor, colleague or any individual that has extensive knowledge of the stock market as your mentor. You can also get trading information from forums.

5. Learn from top investors

Study about the top investors of past years to offer you with ideas to inspire you and help you to appreciate the how the stock market works

6. Study the market and follow the trend

You can get information about the trends, 3rd party analysis, business concepts and much more by monitoring the market every day through headlines and news. The TV like the CNBC provides you with the required information.

7. Use paid subscriptions

Pay for research and analysis like the one from and Morningstar.

8. Attend seminars and classes

Seminars can offer valuable insight into the overall market and specific investment types.

9. Purchase your first stock trading or trade through a simulator


After you have set up your online broker account, your next step is to dive into the market and do your first transaction.