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Microsoft Plans to Replace Internet Explorer

Microsoft is creating a completely new, streamlined browser that is going to replace their traditional Internet Explorer, according to many reports, in an attempt to grow and move up closer to popular web browsers like Firefox and Chrome. The new browser could very well help the company distance itself from bad memories users have from […]

Kodak to Release First Ever Android Phone

When one thinks about photographs, one name in particular usually comes to mind – Kodak. However, the company has been absent for the most part from the photography industry since filing bankruptcy a few years ago. The once king of cameras and film has struggled to find a place during the changing technology of the […]

Keurig Recalls Seven Million Brewing Systems

Keurig had recalled over 7 million Mini Plus Brewing Systems that brew single serve coffee after dozens were injured by spraying liquid that was hot. The group of faulty brewing machines had been produced between 2009 and 2014. The company received over 200 complaints about the system from users. Out of the 200, 90 of […]

Sony Says The Interview Will Be Aired

It looked at one time like Sony was bowing down to hackers threats that The Interview could never be released. However, that is not the case, says a Sony Pictures attorney. David Boies said that Sony has only delayed its release. He was referring to the decision by Sony to cancel the release on Christmas […]

Netflix Can Operate As Normal In the Netherlands

European Netflix subscribers can breathe easy. The streaming service for movies can continue operating as normal now that the Dutch patent problem and lawsuit has been kicked out of the court. In October of last year, Netflix had a lawsuit filed against them in District Court by OpenTV, a United States company that develops software […]

Skype Will Translate for You

Voice over communications are evolving every day. They are evolving enough so that the hope is the language barrier can be broken, or that is what is planned. Using different innovations from the research facility at Microsoft, the first part of the translator program for Skype is starting this and supports 2 spoken languages, English […]

Market Basket Ends Family Feud with Closing of Deal

Arthur T. Demoulas has capped the summer battle over grocery chain Market Basket by completing a deal of $1.6 billion on Friday to buy out his cousin and former rival taking majority control of the family operation. Under the new deal, Demoulas will have 50.5% of the business he did not already own from Arthur […]

Xiaomi Facing Smartphone Ban in India

Smartphone company, Xiaomi faces a harsh setback after devices from the company were banned temporarily because of a problem with Ericsson. The company from China might however, do everything possible to reduce the crisis by negotiating with Ericsson for a license for the 8 standard-essential patents. India is a huge and important market for the […]

Xiaomi Could Be Starting Sales in U.S. at CES 2015

Xiaomi is the top manufacturer for phones at in China and No. 3 worldwide. The phone maker is now preparing to expand its market into the United States with full force. According to some reports, they are beating Samsung with much more competitive prices. The latest rumor across the industry is that Xiaomi will be […]

Uber Banned in Delhi Region

The Transport Department in the Delhi region banned the popular hail a ride service called Uber, after a driver was in court Monday for suspicion of raping one of his passengers. The female passenger had fallen asleep while riding home only to wake up when the driver took her to a spot that was secluded […]

Bebe Stores Confirm Cyber Attack on Credit Card Data

Bebe Stores, the retailer for women’s clothing has just become the most recent in a group of retailers to have suffered an attack on their payment card processing system. The company stated Friday that information containing the verification code, expiration date, account number and cardholder name of its customers could have possibly been stolen. Apparently, […]

Skype Co-founder Unveils Wire, the Latest Skype Competition

Since it was launched more than ten years ago, Skype has turned into the primary resource used to make Voip calls as well as messages. Microsoft acquired Skype from eBay in 2011 for a hefty $8.5 billion. Now the co-founder of Skype, Janus Friis has released a new program that will directly compete against Skype. […]

Otsuka to Acquire Avanir Pharmaceuticals

Otsuka Holdings based in Japan has agreed to acquire Avanir Pharmaceuticals based in California for a price of more than $3.54 billion. The deal gives the company in Japan new neurological treatments. Otsuka based in Tokyo will pay approximately $17 per share it announced in a statement on Tuesday. That price is 13% higher than […]