Travel Jacket Maker Had $20,000 Goal But Received $9 Million

With a goal of making the air travel experience much more hassle-free and smoother, BauBax LLC in July launched a campaign for crowdfunding on the Kickstarter site that it needed $20,000 to help its special travel jacket come to life.

The jacket boasts to have 15 features.

While it did not receive its target of $20,000, it was able to raise $9 million, which made it the most successful campaign for clothing, not only on Kickstarter but also in all of crowdfunding since it originally started.

Specifically, this campaign already generated over $9.19 million that has been pledged by 44,943 backers as per Kickstarter.

Hiral Sanghavi the jacket’s creator knew the idea was great, but never expected so much. The jacket has been given the title as the world’s best travel jacket ever designed.

The creator has had to travel quite often by plane and came up with the idea because of that. The price tag of the jacket starts at $160. It has four different styles, including a sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber and blazer.

Though it is designed specially to target the air traveler, the company says it can be also used for any type of traveling.

A few features include a hood that is also an inflatable neck pillow and sleep mask. A pocket for a passport, holders for earphones, a pocket to hold a drink, which can hold a can of soda, gloves that come out of the sleeves, a telescoping pen, an microfiber cloth and a sunglass holder, amongst other things.

According to certain reports, those who want to have the jacket in September will and other orders will be shipped during November in time for traveling during the holiday season.

BauBax LLC is located in Chicago and is a product design business that manufactures as well as designs lifestyle products.