Google Working on Smart Contact Lens

Google contact lensWe have all heard of Google Glass so it should come as no surprise that a Google company, Google X is developing prototypes of a smart contact lens.  The contact lens will use a tiny wireless chips and miniaturized glucose sensors to help diabetics measure their glucose levels.

The two chips are embedded between two software layers of the lens material.

Scientist have discovered that certain body fluids can help them track glucose levels and as it turns out, tears are one of the best options for doing just that. Google said in its announcement that it was working with the FDA to turn these prototypes into real products and is looking forward to working with experts to bring this technology to the marketplace.

According to Google, the sensor can take about one reading per second, and it is working on adding tiny LED lights to the lens to warn users when their glucose levels cross certain thresholds. The sensors are so small that they ”look like bits of glitter.”

Remember these are just prototypes, however with the extensive resources that Google possesses finding the right partners to market this technology could be within reach.