By stating that some nurses may spend a good deal of time playing cards in small hospitals Doctors have angered and spawned a flurry of memes and viral hashtags on interpersonal media.

The bill would also provide overtime protections.

Walsh needs an amendment that would exclude hospitals with fewer than 25 beds in the breaks, The Olympian reported Friday.

Small, rural colleges”that literally function a small number of people” will have difficulty staying open minded and nurses at those configurations”likely play cards for a significant quantity day,” the paper quoted Walsh as saying.

Even a Washington State Nurses Association drew a lot of readers that the website crashed. The group known as the comment disrespectful and patronizing.

The and #nursesplaycards went viral on media. Comedian Kathy Griffin joined the fray Friday.

“Thanks of alerting me into a group which I am not stupid enough to piss off.

Walsh did not respond to a request for comment from the newspaper.

Exempting them from legislation requiring uninterrupted fractures and subjecting them to mandatory overtime and recruiting nurses to rural facilities is tough could make recruiting more difficult, ” the Washington State Nurses Association explained.

The bill passed the state Senate together with the amendment excluding small hospitals. It had passed the House without the amendment.

Before being signed into law the various House and Senate versions of the bill is going to have to be reconciled enforcement.

The bill specifically requires that nurses along with another staff, such as surgical technologists and radiologic technologists, be provided meal and rest intervals, except when there’s an circumstance.

If a break break is disrupted before 10 minutes, another 10-minute break is necessary. It would prohibit health care centers from using what the nurses institution believes a loophole.

The association said it has attempted to deal with the issues of jumped fractures and overtime with acquisition mediation and litigation, but the difficulty remains pervasive.

Breaks are proven to deal with fatigue, which can lead to medical errors, it stated.