British Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday requested an additional Brexit extension from the European Union until June 30 to provide the U.K. breathing rooms because it scheduled to depart in just 1 week.

In a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk, May said that”the United Kingdom proposes that this period must end on 30 June, 2019″ and consented to make contingency plans to participate in European Parliament elections in late May.

Tusk on Friday proposed an extended time frame. He urged the 27 remaining EU nations to provide the U.K. a flexible expansion up to a year to be certain the state does not crash from the bloc at a chaotic and costly manner. 

2 EU officials, who requested anonymity as they weren’t allowed to disclose data before it was made public, stated that Tusk wants a one-year”Flextention” and make it approved at next Wednesday’s EU summit.

Such a movement would indicate the U.K. needs to take part in the May 23-26 European elections, a thing that the U.K. prime minister has argued against. 

Any extension to the deadline may need approval. French President Emmanuel Macron has so far seemed cautious about giving longer to Britain, saying the EU cannot be held hostage from the political deadlock over Brexit of Britain.

The intricate maneuvering comes as Britain’s Parliament considers legislation designed to protect against a”no-deal” death from the EU now set for April 12.

There are worries that an abrupt departure could cause also a breakdown in medical and food supplies and economic downturn as boundary checks and tariffs are inserted.

Monday, the upper House of Lords of britain is set to resume discussion over the measure. One vote endorsed earlier by the lower House of Commons it.

Unless May can push on their mutually consented divorce deal through Parliament, EU leaders agreed to extend the Brexit date from March 29 until April 12.

The Europeans would like if it is going to leave that Britain do not take part. April 12 is the last day for Britain to indicate whether it is going to field candidates.

May stated that Britain is reluctantly ready to start preparations for the elections when no Brexit deal is reached in the interim.

She stated she is currently making these preparations even though she believes it is not in Britain’s interest and also the fascination for Britain of the EU to take part because it is a member nation that was leaving.

The prime minister says she is still optimistic of reaching a compromise agreement that could take Britain from the EU.

May says it is”frustrating” that Britain hasn’t yet resolved the circumstance. Her withdrawal plan, agreed over more than two decades of negotiations with the EU, has been reversed by Parliament three times, resulting in the political and legal impasse.

She’s now looking for a compromise in a set of talks with his deputies and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn together with hopes of resistance funds to get a divorce plans that are new.

If this doesn’t work, May plans a series of votes in Parliament to determine if a strategy will emerge.

Ideas include keeping Britain at a customs union with the EU when it leaves the prospect of a referendum, as well as the bloc.

There is opposition from Conservative Party Brexit-backer to such options.

Britain voted to depart the bloc.


Raf Casert reported by Brussels. Lorne Cook led from Brussels.