Starbucks Employee Rants at Customer, No Longer Working

An employee at Starbucks in Queens, New York was suspended and is no longer working for the company after a video was posted on social media giant Facebook of her yelling at and berating a customer.

The video starts with the employees screaming at a customer over a straw. When her customer asks to see the manager, the employees continues her ranting and yells that she is the store manager.

She then yells at the customer to get out of the store because they are not going to serve her.

Ruby Chen was the customer, She wrote of her experience on Facebook on Friday, posting the video on her page. She said the ranting manager was in actuality just a shift supervisor and was not working for the company any longer. Chen was contacted by the Starbucks district manager who offered a gift card of $100.

The customer behind Chen, Pennapa Castro, posted the ranting worker video on Facebook, writing she had too much attitude.

After Chen had ordered one Frappucciono with a cookie straw, she did not hear another employee ask what her name was as she pulled her Starbucks app up on her smartphone so she could make her payment. Chen said Melissa the ranting supervisor then shouted, “Hellooooo.”

Sorry, said Chen I did not hear what you said, but it is not necessary to yell. Melissa then took the scanner away from Chen so she could not pay and accused the customer of attempting to steal the cookie straw she held in her hand and holding up the entire line in the crowded coffee house, wrote Chen.

When other clients came to the defense of Chen, Melissa shifted her rant to them. She told them bye, bye and “Get the (expletive) out of her.”

Melissa who would not give her last name told a television station in New York that she was not fired, but quit. She added that Chen had been abusive to her and that she did not get any support for her district manager.

Melissa, who is 25, had been working at Starbucks five years. The manager of the store defended the character of the former employee.