Over 1,000 Users Operate New Facebook Secret Project

It should not be surprising that a form of Facebook for work is currently being designed. Facebook’s employees are on Facebook itself all day and use it for nearly everything: Group chats, talk about documents, to share news and send messages.

Sources tell say different companies are in test mode, using Facebook the same way Facebook employees use it.

For example, if an employee at Facebook notices that there is a problem with something broken, they create a post for that specific problem in the facilities group. With such posts, maintenance personnel noticed that some employees were constantly walking across a specific area of grass, which prompted them to make brick path.

The key for a successful service for Facebook at work will depend upon separating private life from business life on Facebook.

It is highly likely that Facebook will be following Google apps for this. Logging into the company profile would not be the same as logging into a personal email account or Facebook page, but the two of them could be linked into one.

Many companies that could possibly benefit from using Facebook at work will be the first to question whether Facebook will be using ads on their Facebook work app. Many industry analysts expect that one day there will be a free option with ads, as well as a paid version without them.

However, sources say that the test version is ad free. Facebook could create a subscription option, but usually the company creates new ways of earning money depending on how popular is product is.

A vice president of product strategies was working on a new app for Facebook to be used at the workplace. Just security features had been added in and it was show to some businesses that had taken an interest in it.

However, one day he was giving a demo of the new app and an advertisement appeared on the screen. That upset the legal department the plan was put on hold until recently.