Billionaire businessman Richard Branson got a rock star’s welcome at Wednesday rollout of the Virgin Group’s venture with Florida owned, higher-speed passenger railway service that backers hope will soon stretch from Miami.

People cheered, information photographers jostled like paparazzi and passengers onboard the British magnate was caught by a rebranded Brightline train since they zipped in just over one hour between West Palm Beach and Miami. A year after beginning operations, the newly christened Virgin Trains USA hopes the boost rubs off on the organization’s ridership and funding.

The trains and other channels of brightline should be rebranded by the end of year.

Branson said Virgin hopes to”scatter some of its magic dust” about the operation by delivering an encounter with some panache.

Since Brightline, the machine was the very first private U.S. train agency based in a century. Branson known as Americans’ reputation for disdaining rail travel away from the corridor unfounded. They simply haven’t taken to trains since”the railroad service was not excellent.”

He said train travel is much more suitable than in the past.

“Back in the old days, you did not have Wi-Fi. Now you’ve almost seamless Wi-Fi on this particular train almost the whole way,” he explained. “Pupils can operate, business people are able to work, lawyers can operate, accountants can perform on the train. And it’s significantly more healthy and more environmentally friendly”

This is a critical period for the service, whose trains currently run at an average speed of approximately 80 mph (130 kph). Its first stage was completed 11 months back using a 70-mile (115-kilometer) run between Miami and West Palm Beach.

That is scheduled to open in 2022. By Orlando, the organization expects to expand north west to Jacksonville and west to Tampa.

Patrick Goddard said rebranding Brightline when complementing was first rate because Virgin offers it name recognition.

The channels are clean and the decor is modern. The trains are smooth and quiet, with motors powered with biodiesel fuel. The market seats are wider and have more legroom compared to a airplane coach chair. Tickets between West Palm Beach and Miami price approximately $25 each way for economy and $40 for first class. No pricing for Orlando has been declared.

“The big difference between what we’re doing and conventional public transport is this is an experience… from the moment you park your car. Because we have the stations and we have the infrastructurewe control the entire experience,” Goddard said.

It provides its clients a Florida vacation. They could take a train to London and fly to Orlando. From there, they can take the projected train to Miami, and keep within an Virgin hotel.

Joseph Krist, a Court Street Group adviser that has been following Brightline, said it’s”very tough to tell” whether Virgin Trains USA will flourish long-term when the novelty and glamour fades.

Krist explained that although Branson has experienced success in widely divergent fields, from recording to transportation, his train performance has had a mixed record over 20 years. Virgin America, his U.S. airline known for mood lighting and hip touches, fought with profitability for decades, prior to being sold to Alaska Airlines for $2.6 billion in 2017.

“His new as an innovative, somewhat believing out-of-the-box type of guy has lived regardless of the level of success achieved by his various companies.”