Katana Capital Limited (ASX:KAT) declared a interim dividend on Thursday, October 17th, MarketIndexAU reports. Investors of record on Friday, November 15th will be given a dividend of 0.005 per share on Friday, November 15th. This represents a yield of 0.66%. The ex-dividend date is Monday, October 21st.

The business’s 50-day moving average price is A$0.79 and its 200-day moving average price is A$0.70. The stock has a market capitalization of $33.55 million and a price-to-earnings ratio of -33.33. Katana Capital has a twelve month low of A$0.71 ($0.50) and a twelve month high of A$0.96 ($0.68).

Katana Capital Company Profile

Katana Capital Limited is a self management investment trust. The firm manages separate client focused equity portfolios. It invests in the public equity markets of Australia. Katana Capital Limited was founded on September 19, 2005 and is based in Perth, Australia.

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