A Kansas pair is turning the notion of wagons that leaders utilised for toddlers who wish to enjoy nature without sacrificing the comforts of spacious and power beds into a luxury experience to travel west.

Dennis and Donna Steinman have assembled their first 26- by 10-foot (8- by 3-meter) noodle to accommodate those interested in high-end glamour swimming, or even”glamping,” that the Lawrence Journal-World reported.

The Douglas County couple wagons will be able to fit a king- or queen-sized bed, a bunk bed and a wagon wheel desk. Their PlainsCraft Conestoga Wagons are also equipped with electrical outlets and the few is currently looking into how to cool and clean the interiors.

“The notion is to go camping, not give up the conveniences,” said Dennis Steinman.

He imagines that the wagons being parked in temples, ranches, federal and country parks, hunting lodges and hotels.

“They’re like sleeping in a motel room,” Donna Steinman added.

The couple shares a love for pioneer history. Dennis Steinman said that he has fond memories of riding his dad built in his childhood.

“Today, there is a true trend increasing in glamping. All these wagons could fit in perfectly,” he explained.

The Steinmans’ wagon is parked at their rural house between Lawrence and Lecompton. They have received requests to be used at an Oklahoma ranch for guest home.

Dennis Steinman expects to build 20 wagons in their company’ year.

“We are only getting started,” he said.