IPO Filing by GoDaddy Reveals Much

GoDaddy, the popular service provider for web hosting and place to register domain names, on Monday kicked off its initial public offering planning to raise as much as $100 million.

As it happens often when companies decide to go public, the documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by GoDaddy in conjunction with its IPO shed light on the company’s infrastructure of its data centers, which is massive.

The 37,000 servers of GoDaddy are located in nine separate facilities across the globe. The company owns one data center while it leases the others from different providers.

The data center it owns is located in Phoenix, and has two other sites in Arizona that are leased. One in Scottsdale is home to the company headquarters, while the other is located in Mesa.

Other locations of its data centers include Chicago, Ashburn (Virginia), Los Angeles, Singapore and Amsterdam.

The company owned data center has over 270,000 square feet of space.

In addition to its large footprint for data centers, GoDaddy has a sophisticated architecture of IT to deliver all of its services. The stack must rely on a great deal of open sourced technology.

GoDaddy’s hosting services today are supported by one automated infrastructure, which was built on OpenStack, a popular cloud architecture that is open source.

One level above the IaaS setup is located the company’s Platform as a service that provides a number of integrated services to customers and allows the provider to build and deploy its new products rapidly and with ease.

GoDaddy used Apache Hadoop open source to process and store data it collects via web crawling, mobile and social platforms and local listing to provide its customers with business intelligence.

Cassandra is also used by the company. The distributed database open source management system helps to improve in replication of data of customers. A single cluster by Cassandra can span multiple data centers enabling replication across the sites.