How New Facebook Privacy Policy will Affect Users

Once again, Facebook wants to change their policy covering privacy.

Before they make these changes, they want to let all users of Facebook see what the proposed changes would be.

Facebook users can comment on all changes starting from October 13 for a period of seven days.

Facebook published a simplified version of their private policy that is much easier to understand than the full 9,000 word policy.

What Facebook plans on changing are what other people can see on your profile, what you can see and how you interact with others.

Although there is a simplified version of all the private policy there is not a way to explain how it will affect the individual users as it all depends on cookie settings, policy on data and terms that Facebook has.

The changes will be hardly noticeable and Facebook will work almost exactly the same.

Presently, Facebook can gather more local information that includes user’s current location.

Facebook wants to use this to the benefit of the user for more immersive experience. For example, if the location of the user is shared and Facebook picks up a friend’s location nearby and what they are currently doing, it can instantly be shared to user.

Location can be tracked via Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. Facebook states that they are just simply finding new ways for the user to have more relevant information based on location as well as friends.

Facebook will collect numerous sums of information, but if the user does not want the changes, they disabled them in a few easy steps.

Another important change that is possible is that any third-party application which user needs to pay for something and is connected to Facebook, will automatically allow Facebook to collect payment information.

Ads on Facebook will also have a complete different way of appearing. They will appear depending on the individual user’s preference and what the user like’s to see, so that the user will no longer have to view ads that are not interesting to them. Comments will be allowed for seven days at which time Facebook will review them and make any necessary changes they feel are important, or keep the proposed changes as they are.