Turkey’s primary international airport in Istanbul is closing and moving to a new foundation in a large operation.

The move of Ataturk International Airport to Istanbul Airport around the Black Sea beaches –dubbed the”Great Move”– started first Friday and is expected to end Saturday.

Bilal Eksi, CEO of flagship carrier Airlines, stated 686 trucks and hundreds of vehicles are currently transferring gear at nighttime, and planes have started flying to the airport.

The airline said Twitter that the move was the largest in aviation history, together with 10,000 pieces of equipment weighing 47,000 tons, covering an estimated dimension of 33 football fields.

Even the Istanbul Airport, among President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s trademark megaprojects, will function 90 million passengers yearly and opened in October. When expanded in 10 years to serve 200 million passengers it seeks to be the planet’s greatest.

Labour rights groups also have said the hurry to fulfill the deadline led to workplace deaths and accidents, while environmentalists argued the airport along with also the infrastructure to serve it ruined wetlands and forests of Erdogan.