Facebook, the largest social networking service in the world, is constantly on the radars of hackers. A new app named Facebook Color Change, has tricked users into entering a website that is malicious, through an offer to change the user’s color theme on their profile.

The scam was discovered first by Cheetah Mobile an Internet company in China on Thursday.

According to that report, the link offering the color changing for the profile on Facebook appears to take the user to an app on Facebook but actually redirects the user to a malicious phishing site.

Cheetah Mobile in an official post on its blog said its researchers found the issue to be happening because of the vulnerability that lives in the app page of Facebook itself.

It allows hackers to implant different viruses as well as malicious codes into apps that are Facebook based that direct the user to their phishing sites.

Over 10,000 users of Facebook have succumbed to this scam, The users are then exploited by the phishing site as it asks them to watch a video or it offers the downloading of the app to enable it to steal the information of friends as well.

If the video is watched by the user, login details are stolen from Facebook, which allows them to have access that is unauthorized.

The PC version offers a video player download for pornography, while on phones using Android it warns about an infection and to download the app to repair it.

The apps can be deleted by the user from his mobile device or PC so no further damage can be done.

Earlier in the week, hackers from Russia reportedly were able to gain access to over 1.2 billion logins on Internet.

Hacks on the official accounts of agencies as well as government entities at Twitter have created a big buzz Internet-wide.

A study in July revealed that over 7.3 million people in New York were exposed to some form of data breaches during 2013.