DavidsTea Inc (NASDAQ:DTEA)’s share price hit a new 52-week low during trading on Wednesday . The company traded as low as $2.20 and last traded at $2.30, with a volume of 18032 shares traded. The stock had previously closed at $2.30.

Separately, BMO Capital Markets set a $4.00 price target on DavidsTea and gave the stock a “hold” rating in a research note on Tuesday, June 12th.

DavidsTea (NASDAQ:DTEA) last announced its quarterly earnings results on Thursday, September 13th. The company reported ($0.15) EPS for the quarter. The company had revenue of $30.82 million during the quarter. DavidsTea had a negative return on equity of 1.34% and a negative net margin of 15.64%.

DavidsTea Company Profile (NASDAQ:DTEA)

DAVIDsTEA Inc operates as a retailer of specialty tea in Canada and the United States. The company offers approximately 135 loose-leaf teas, pre-packaged teas, tea sachets and tea-related gifts, and accessories; and food, as well as tea beverages, such as hot or iced tea, and tea lattes. It provides loose-leaf tea in white, green, oolong, black, pu'erh, mate, rooibos, and herbal tea categories.

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