How Heal N Soothe Can Get Rid Of Pain

Pain and Heal N Soothe.┬áPain is something that everyone experiences from time to time. However, if you are living with chronic pain, then it can be hard for you to complete your daily activities. Pain is how the body lets you know that something is wrong. There are many medications that can treat pain, but […]

Merck Reports Increases In Profit And Revenue

Merck & Co. (NYSE:MRK) posted an unexpected increase in second-quarter revenue and an increased profit versus a year-earlier period. For the quarter, the company posted a profit of $1.21 billion, up 75 percent from $687 million a year earlier. Earnings rose to 43 cents a share from 24 cents a share. Excluding certain one-time costs, […]

Salmonella Cases Tied to Chipotle Restaurants

A report that was issued by the Department of Health in Minnesota says that 45 salmonella cases have been reported since September 2. Thirty-four of the people have had interviews with members of the health department and of the 34, there were 32 who either had eaten or likely ate at one of 17 different […]

5 Ways Taking Naps Can Boost Your Career

In a 24/7 culture, many people lose sleep, which hurts lots of careers. Mental fatigue can affect your concentration, memory, creativity and productivity. Several studies support the idea that napping can improve your job performance. A short midday nap can make all the difference between a slow, lethargic work day and a smart, sharp performance. […]

Aetna Closing in on Acquisition of Humana

Aetna Inc the health insurer based in the U.S. is near to acquiring its rival Humana Inc. A deal might be signed as soon as this weekend, reported a national news agency, citing people close to the situation. Humana also received another offer from the Cigna Corporation but the board at Humana preferred the offer […]

Panera Dropping 150 Artificial Ingredients

Panera Bread Co has committed to removing more that 150 artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives and flavors from its menu before the end of 2016. This is the latest move by a large food company in response to a shift by consumers towards foods looked at as healthier and simpler. The gourmet sandwich and salad chain […]

Folic Acid Could Reduce Risk of Stroke

In what might be the largest study of this kind, researchers reviewed over 20,000 patients who were being monitored already for high blood pressure and were taking enalapril a hypertension medication. Some of the patients had histories of heart disease and stroke. This study however looked at how folic acid affects the risk of stroke […]

AbbVie Beats Johnson & Johnson for Cancer Therapy

AbbVie Inc through its last minute bid clinched the acquisition for $21 billion for Pharmacyclics, Inc and gained control of blood cancer therapy. North Chicago, Illinois based AbbVie will pay a per share price of $261.25 using a mix of stock and cash, said the two companies today. Pharmacyclics was closing in on agreement with […]

Oregon to Consider Banning Exemptions for Vaccines

The state of Oregon is considering an amendment to a bill that takes aims at the highest rates in the country of vaccine exemptions that are non-medical. If the bill is to pass, Oregon would be joining West Virginia and Mississippi as just the only three states in the nation allowing vaccine exemptions only for […]

Pfizer Acquiring Hospira to Boost Generic Drug Business

Pfizer Inc, the U.S. based drug maker announced it was acquiring Hospira Inc for over $15 billion to increase its generic drugs and biosimilars, which are copies of biotech drugs. Pfizer has offered cash in the amount of $90 a share or a 39% premium to the closing stock price of Hospira on Wednesday. Prior […]

Kaiser Bracing for Strike by Thousands

Up to 2,600 mental health workers at Kaiser, including therapists, social workers and psychologists are expected to strike on Monday. That will start a statewide strike of one week that marks an increase in protests over what the workers charge is continued understaffing that keeps its patients waiting too long for their appointments in the […]

FDA Approves Keytruda for Melanoma

In its latest statement, the United States Food and Drug Administration has announced its approval of Keytruda for treating patients that have unresectable or advanced melanoma who do not respond to other treatment. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer and accounts for close to 5% of all new cancer diagnosis in the United States. […]

Roche Acquires Genia Technologies for $125 Million

On Monday, Roche Holding AG said it was acquiring Genia Technologies Inc based in California. Genia develops technology for DNA-sequencing and its acquisition by Roche is part of the pharmaceutical strong push into diagnostics. Roche, based in Basel, Switzerland announced it was paying upfront $125 million for the California company. Roche also might pay shareholders […]

Powerade Eliminates Controversial Ingredient

Coca-Cola the owners of the popular sports drink Powerade is eliminating a controversial ingredient in the drink following the same move last year by PepsiCo in its famous drink Gatorade. The ingredient in question is brominated vegetable oil. It has been a target of a petition by a teenager in Mississippi, who questions why the […]

AstraZeneca Stock Jumps on Takeover Reports

Shares of AstraZeneca in the U.S. jumped in trading before the bell Monday after reports of a takeover approach of $100 billion by Pfizer, which would be the largest deal in pharmaceuticals history if it were to be accepted. Neither of the two companies would make a comment on the latest reports that the two […]